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Home purchase in Denmark: Can you get both your dream home and location?

Many home buyers experience that they have to compromise when looking for their dream home. Often, they compromise on the location of the home. But it does not have to be like this. In this article, we explain how many home buyers can get the home of their dreams without having to compromise on the location. The answer is renovation.

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Home purchase in Denmark without compromising?

Danish home buyers often experience that their hunt for the perfect location stays a dream. If you want the house to be in good condition and have the ideal plan arrangement, while at the same time having the perfect location, the price will quickly rise, and you have to compromise somewhere. However, it does not have to be this way. Often, the right solution can be to choose the dream location over whether the house is in a good shape or has enough room. This advice comes from the motto saying that the only thing you cannot renovate your way off is a bad location.

A run-down house can often be a good investment when purchasing a home in e.g. Copenhagen

If you feel like living in construction mess and temporary solutions for some months, or if you can stay at your old home for a while, a run-down house can often be a good investment. Fortune favors the brave – and this is also the case on the real estate market. Some of the biggest added values go to the families who renovate an old house, add more square meters, or improve the amenity value of the property – especially in the capital area like Copenhagen where the price per square meter is the highest.

The ideal location is always evolving

Another important thing to remember when buying a new home is that our cities are constantly evolving. This also goes for the Capital Region which is quickly evolving and expanding. Think of the Tivoli Gardens which was once located outside the city walls – today, it is the absolute center. If you look for a new home an s-train station further away from the center of Copenhagen, you can often save a lot of money. And as Copenhagen and the surrounding area is evolving, the location of the home will eventually be more central. To sum it all up: Here at Bomae, we live on helping you find your dream home and we are therefore not fans of compromises. We start by looking at your vision of a dream home and help your scan the real estate market, go through the potential buy with a building expert and help you with the financial considerations regarding the purchase of a house and the potential renovation.

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    FAQ about home purchase in Denmark


    What does home purchase mean?

    Home purchase means purchasing a new home, which is a big decision. Therefore, it can be an excellent idea to advise a buyer’s agent like Bomae, who can help you make the right decision. We help you from the start to the end by, e.g. scanning the real estate market to find the home of your dreams, finding the best financing offers, closing the deal, and understanding the different legal documents.

    What are the steps to purchasing a home?

    When you want to purchase a home, the first step is to talk to your bank to find out how much money you have to buy for. Consider talking to several banks to get the best offer. After this, you can start looking for your dream home. When finding the home of your dreams, read the home condition report carefully and consider consulting a building expert, so you do not risk buying a pig in a poke. Finally, it is also a good idea to consult a lawyer about the legal documents. But all of this, a buyer’s agent like Bomae can help you with if you consult us.

    How much money do you actually need to buy a house?

    The house prices in Denmark depend a lot on the location of the house. But it also depends a lot on the state of the house. But in Denmark, you have to be able to pay a 5% deposit in cash plus the financing costs.