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Best Bank in Denmark

Moving to Denmark is a process with many steps. First, you need to find somewhere to live. Then, when you have an address, you need to apply for a residence permit. And once you’ve received your permit and personal ID number, you can open a bank account in a Danish bank.

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Having an account in a Danish bank when living in Denmark is crucial for several reasons. In this blog post, we will discuss the many benefits of opening an account and give you an overview of the largest banks in Denmark (Danske Bank, Nordea, Jyske Bank). 

If you need help deciding which bank to choose, Bomae is happy to help you find the Danish bank that best suits your needs.

Why you need a Danish bank account

In order to participate in Danish society, get your salary, pay taxes, and be granted a loan, you need a Danish bank account. Other benefits include access to online banking, savings, investments and applying for various debit and credit cards.

As in many other European countries, Denmark is in the process of phasing out cash. As a result, in addition to regular card payments, Danes use mobile payment services. In Denmark, the most popular mobile payment app is called MobilePay. To access this app, you need to connect one of your transaction accounts to your Danish phone number. 

Opening a Danish bank account is always recommended regardless of how long you have planned to stay in Denmark. At Bomae, our staff are ready to help you find the best Danish bank.

What you need to open a Danish bank account

Opening an account at a large bank in Denmark is pretty straightforward. 

However, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age. You must be 18 years or older to open an account.
  • Valid photo ID. Danish banks usually accept passports and national ID cards. 
  • A Danish personal identification number. When receiving your permit of residence, you will also get your unique identification number, called CPR number. 
  • Proof of Danish address. To open a bank account, you must have a permanent Danish address. 

Proof of employment or other occupation. Most banks demand some verification of employment or studies.

In most larger banks, you can open an account online or at local offices. 

In addition, please note that you have to inform your bank which one of your accounts you want to have as your Nemkonto. Nemkonto could be translated to "Easy account" and is used by Danish authorities for payments such as tax returns, pensions, student loans and compensation for caring for a sick child. Even if you only have one Danish account, you must manually register this as a Nemkonto. 

Choosing a bank that fits your needs

As an expat in Denmark, choosing one of the larger banks is often the most convenient option. These banks offer all the services you need, in addition to customer support and assistance in English. Remember to ask for your preferred language when becoming a customer of the bank. Otherwise, you will receive all your documentation in Danish. Most major banks also have local bank offices where you can go and get help with daily handling. 

Furthermore, it's important to know that terms and conditions can vary between the banks, so you should always invest time and effort comparing your different options. For foreigners who do many international transactions, it's especially important to read the terms and conditions related to monthly service fees, withdrawal fees and currency exchange rates.

List of top Banks in Denmark

1. Danske Bank

Danske Bank is Denmark's largest bank, offering a wide range of financial products and services, including personal and corporate banking, wealth management, and insurance.

As the dominant bank in Denmark, Danske Bank has local offices all across the country. However, the number of branches is steadily decreasing due to increased online banking. 

Use this map to find the closest Danske Bank branch to your home. 

Visit Danske Bank's website and read more about its products and services.  

2. Nordea

Nordea is a Nordic financial services group with operations in the Nordic and Baltic regions (their HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland). It offers a variety of financial products and services for both private and corporate customers, including banking, wealth management, and insurance. Nordea is a good choice if you do business in other parts of the Nordics, as they have local branches across the region. 

Use this map to find the nearest Nordea branch to where you live. 

Visit Nordea's website for more information about their products and services. 

3. Jyske Bank 

One of Denmark's largest banks, Jyske Bank is a Danish full-service bank that offers its customers a wide range of financial services, including personal and corporate banking, mortgages, and insurance. Named after its Jutland origin, Jyske Bank is known for its focus on private banking and wealth management services. 

Use this map to find the closest Jyske Bank branch to your home. 

Visit Jyske Bank's website to learn more about its services and products. 

To summarise, all three banks provide a large variety of financial products and services and are popular choices for both personal and business banking needs in Denmark. Generally, banks in Denmark offer a safe and secure place to keep your money and provide financial stability.

Other notable Danish banks

Mortgage credit institutions

Denmark's robust mortgage credit system gives Danish homebuyers a unique opportunity to borrow money for their dream home.
The mortgage credit institutions are typically owned by the banks.

They are involved in granting, administering, and trading mortgage credit loans. Here is a list of the mortgage credit institutions in Denmark:

  1. Realkredit Danmark: This is a part of the Danske Bank Group, the largest banking institution in Denmark. It offers a variety of mortgage credit products.
  2. Nykredit Realkredit: Nykredit is one of Denmark's leading financial services companies, offering a broad range of services, including mortgage lending.
  3. BRFkredit: This is another major player in Denmark's mortgage market. It became a part of Jyske Bank Group in 2014.
  4. Nordea Kredit: Nordea is a large financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Nordea Kredit is the arm of the company that provides mortgage credit services.
  5. Dansk Landbrugs Realkreditfond (DLR Kredit): DLR Kredit is a credit institution offering loans secured by mortgages on agricultural, urban, and vacation properties.
  6. Totalkredit: Totalkredit collaborates with a network of local and regional banks to offer mortgage credit loans.

Let Bomae help you

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    Opening an account in a Danish bank is good for several reasons. Firstly, a local bank account in Denmark can provide you with convenience, stability, access to financial services, and help you comply with local laws. Secondly, it's necessary to have a Danish bank account if you want to purchase a home in Denmark or take a loan. 

    In this article, we have provided you with some information about the largest banks in Denmark. 

    Just remember to research and compare the different bank options before deciding which one to go with. However, as many of the biggest banks don't have English versions of their websites, this part is easier said than done. 

    At Bomae, we are happy to help you find the right bank for you. In addition, we can assist you when it comes to loans and the process of buying property in Denmark. 

    Read more about our services here or fill out the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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