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Buying danish real estate?

 Bomae is a fully independent buying agency for clients searching for homes and investments in Denmark. Bomae and Alfa have entered a partnership giving you, as an Alfa client, a free 1-hour advice session. Benefit from this free session by contacting Bomae with the form below.


Our price reductions are on average 48% higher than the market


We are 100 % on your side


We negotiate price and terms with the bank on your behalf

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We ensure you the right terms and conditions

Our excellent track record of successfully negotiating substantial savings from the asking price ensures you a better deal with the right terms and conditions. We will also ensure your financing is obtained to your needs. We do that by collecting quotes from several banks to make sure we have a clear picture of the market

Our clients’ bids are often favoured

Real estate agents in Denmark, value our involvement because of our professionalism by having our clients ready when we bid. This gives greater confidence that both parties will reach a successful conclusion.

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Save time and money

How can we help you? Get called today!

Let's talk about how we can help you with the purchase and financing of your home.

    Or call +45 72 600 400, money to sunday 9am-20pm

    What we do for you

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    Your property needs

    It is important for us, and we take great care, to understand your property needs for what will be a home for you and your family. If you are unsure exactly where to buy or what sort of property fits your budget, we can help you shape your brief. We listen to your requirements and advise on ideal locations. Understanding your lifestyle is vital so we can ensure you have good access to what’s important to you.

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    Your home, your terms

    When your ideal property has been found we negotiate the best possible terms based on extensive comparison research. We investigate every aspect of your potential purchase using land registry data and on-market comparable. This will ensure the right property at the best possible price – on the most favourable terms. We have an excellent track record negotiating substantial savings from asking prices and are often favoured over competing bids because agents value our involvement and have greater confidence the deal will reach successful conclusion.

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    One point of contact

    Buying a property and a home should be enjoyable. We act as first point of contact with all parties involved in the purchase and manage the process on a day-to-day basis. This gives you freedom to focus on other commitments knowing your purchase is safely handled by professionals.

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