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Claus Vogelius

Is it difficult to familiarize yourself with all the legal issues connected with buying your new home?

Claus creates the overview for you.


Legal Advisor and Partner

Claus holds a master’s degree in law from the university and has during the course of his career worked as attorney-at-law specializing in real estate. He has been involved in consulting and real estate for more than 8 years, and thus has a unique insight into real estate trading and the process associated with it.

Claus advises you and ensure that your upcoming home does not contain hidden inconveniences in the legal documents. As a buyer it gives you a greater security and certainty that you are making a good purchase.

With his many years of experience from both large and specialist law firms, Claus has a huge knowledge, which he with great commitment passes on to Bomae and our buyers.

For several years Claus has taught many actors in the real estate industry, and the passion of talking about real estate and communicating it to others is an extra quality in Claus' advice.

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